Ashmina Ranjit, Artist
Ashmina Ranjit, a citizen of Nepal, is an interdisciplinary visual artist. She received her MFA from Columbia University Graduate School of Art, New York, USA. She holds a BFA from University of Tasmania, Australia as well as from Tribhuwan University, Nepal.
Ranjit’s works are designed to increase awareness of crucial on going social and political issues of marginalized communities. She works with groups of women, children and artists using a wide range of media: drawing, painting, video, sound, installation, and performance. Ranjit explores female identity in her artwork, raising questions about women’s cultural roles, social gendering, physical experiences, and sexuality in her paintings, prints, installations, performances, sounds and videos. In her provocative works, she reclaims women’s experiences and gives voices to their political concerns as well as to their most intimate expressions of desire, joy and fulfillment.

Ranjit works also focus on social injustice, human rights violations and the on going violence - war in her country and around the world. During her interdisciplinary project, participants are provided an opportunity to express themselves, raise issues of mutual concern, and increase awareness. Ranjit has worked on issues of female body awareness and celebration with women’s communities in Nepal, India and Japan. She has protested the civil war in Nepal thru installations and street performance coupled with national radio broadcasts by every radio stations in the country of the sound piece composed of ofthe cries of the war victims in fusion with staged sound.

Ranjit has traveled and exhibited widely in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA including Dhaka Biennale and Fukuoka Triennale. Her installations, performances, films have been included in solo and group exhibitions around the world. She has participated in several artists residencies in Asia and Europe. She has organized and coordinated national and international residencies in her home country. Ranjit has won several awards Scholarships and fellowships such as a Fulbright (USA), Aus-aid (Australia), Honorable Mentioned- Dhaka Biennele. Ranjit had taught at Tribhuwan University, Nepal and has lectured at including Fahan School, Tasmania, Australia, Funen Art Academy, Odense, Denmark and Cornell Nepal study program in Kathmandu. Ranjit, currently resides in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Performance, installation
Painting | Print | Drawing